Do I Have To Redesign My Logo

Before you contact a graphic designer to redesign your logo, you have to ask yourself one question:”How the redesign will affect on my business?”

First of all, you have to decide in which category falls your business:

  • You are already established company;
  • You are new in the business;

If you are already established company

If you’re big company with many clients and sales, you have to consider this step very carefully because this more likely will affect your business.
As a well established company your clients already knows you and your logo. With complete redesign, you’re risking to confuse them. It will take time to establish your new logo again. Before to take this step, you have to talk with graphic design specialist and discuss with him every detail about the project.

I will give you an example of why the redesign is bad idea.

Let’s say that you are releasing a new product and your logo is printed on it. You’re expecting that the new logo will help you to look more professional and that way your company will make more sales. The truth is that maybe your old clients will not recognize your new logo and probably they will not buy the product.

The best way to avoid this situation is don’t completely redesign your logo, but only to refresh it. That way your logo will remain the same, but will have more modern look.

If you are new in the business

In this case my advice is to put all your efforts to create professional logo for your business. If you want, you can refresh or completely redesign your logo. Feel free to experiment to achieve the best result.

Not always the redesign is bad idea. Just be careful when you make such big step.
When you are making a redesign, every decision required more thought, and more discussion.