Hey there! My name is Yordan and I am from Bulgaria. I design & build compelling websites that turn traffic into customers. Since I began my professional career back in 2010, I’ve always been driven by the passion of creating tools that enhance client’s business.

It is my deepest belief that connecting with a client, taking the time to understand what his goals are, and designing/developing a digital product for him can improve business quality and make customers satisfied about the service they got. Every client, and every project, is unique.

I listen to you, your needs, and create strategic, custom built web solutions, for you and your business. I’m here to help you turn your vision into reality and build something brilliant.


When I build a site, my thoughts and actions are targeted towards how your business could win more.
I do my best to offer you working methods and strategies, which I have been tested over the years and I know that they work. I want my services to be a powerful asset and accelerator, with which your business grows and prospers.

I am creative

I work with creative and innovative ideas.

I think outside the box

I follow the latest standards, approaches and innovative methods.

Your business is my priority

My mission is to make your business more successful and profitable, beyond simply making you a website.

I love my work

I believe that in order for a business to be successful, a person should love their work. And I love what I do.


I think strategically, plan in details and act purposefully in order to be sure about achieving sustainable and good results.

Progress and development

Successfully realized projects 95%
Frozen and terminated projects 5%
Customer growth on yearly basis 15%

Three fundamentals of a successful website

I make beautiful and elegant sites with simple design and easy navigation. I believe in the simplicity of stuff and aim to achieve a flawless look, applying a creative and imaginative approach to every detail.

A website is not just about look. It is a working system consisting of a logically connected series of steps, stages and processes. Sometimes one small error in the network can lead to a breakdown of the site or loss of potential sales. I do not compromise with quality and all my sites are tested multiple times for errors and problems before being delivered to the end client.

Whether a site is going to attract customers and sell is directly dependent on its design, functionality and the right approach and means for marketing and advertising. I analyze each detail and aspect of your business in order to offer you only the methods that I believe are going to achieve the greatest effect.