When somebody visits your site, you have exactly five seconds to keep them on it. We help you get your visitors to stay on your website long and turn them into real clients.

The biggest challenge to achieving a perfect design is creating a visual presentation, which has to be eye-catching and functional at the same time.

We, at 7 Life Design Ltd., develop 100% unique solutions for your business since we believe that each client has specific needs and deserves original and quality web solutions.

Our sites are developed in accordance with all modern web standards and we can offer you:

  • Responsive Design
  • Efficient User Experience
  • Security and protection for your website
  • Rapid and productive work
  • Quality content
  • Compatibility and stability in different browsers
  • Support

What is our work process:

      • We define the specific targets of the website
      • We create “the spine” of the site – how exactly is the information in it going to be organized, the main pages, categories, menus, etc., and the navigation pattern in general
      • In our work, we always strive to achieve a functional website with professional design developed in accordance to the newest standards and technologies

We will be glad if you get in touch with us, giving us a little bit more information about your business, so that we could define together exactly what kind of site you need and how can we be helpful.