Tell us what you wish to name your site and we will handle everything else related to the registration of the domain if the selected name is free

***I want to check whether the name I selected is free for registration?***

We are not a hosting company and we do not offer the service directly. We are proud to state that in this regard, we work with the best hosting company in the country, SuperHosting. Through us, you can register domains or transfer your domain.

We are going to give you all necessary guidance and we will consult with you about what domain to choose. With us, you can register domains with some of the most frequently used endings, such as .com, .bg, .info, .eu, etc.

You can see the prices for the different types of domains on SuperHosting. If you have trusted the creation of your site to us or if you have a concluded contract for support, you do not pay any additional fees relating to the registration of your domain. You only have to pay for the domain you chose, which is specified on SuperHosting’s website, so that we can order it.

We are going to take care of all the necessary settings from there in order to transfer the already finished site on the domain you chose and bought and as we already mentioned, you do not owe us anything for this service.

The next step, after we register your domain, is purchasing a hosting plan. You can find information on what hosting at the link What is hosting?

Here, depending on the type of site, there are different types of packages. But in 90% of cases, the most basic hosting plan would do a perfect job for your site. Through the link, you can see also the prices of the separate hosting packages – Hosting plans

Generally, the practice is that the domain and hosting are bought for a period of one year and they are renewed after the period expires.

After your domain and hosting are purchased, we will take care of all the necessary settings in order to upload your site so that it will work for you and your users.