Good communication is very important element in every business. When you work on a certain project, communication between you and your client is a key element to successfully finishing a project. As a professional, you need to ask a lot of questions to understand the project, while your client job is to give you the information that you need so you can finish your job professionally.
But the truth is different. Very often you will face clients that communicate very slowly and you have to learn how to deal with this problem. Every project involves many questions, but most people don’t realize that. You can’t make a logo or website for example, if you don’t have enough information about the company, the target market and etc.
So, how can you make the communication between you and your client faster?

Ask the right questions

If you notice that the client answers you very slow, just ask him the right questions. If you send him/her too many questions, you risk losing a lot of precious time while waiting for response. Gather the necessary information for you to start working and when you send a sample to your client, he/she will tell you whether you are on the right track or not.
This approach is risky, because you may not understand the project and deliver something different from the expecting. So, use this in last resort. Explain to your client that it is very important to send you the necessary information so you can professionally do your work.

Example of questions for logo design:

  • What is the exact wording you would like to appear in the logo?
  • Do you have a tag line?
  • What is the overall message you want to portray with your brand?
  • Do you have specific project instructions?
  • Can you show me logos that you like?
  • What are your color preferences?


Be patient

Be aware that you’re not the only one who runs a business. When you send an email to your client, just give him a time. Don’t send him the same email after 1 hour. He may want to discuss the email with his team to give you more quality information.
It is much better if you receive quality information than fast and unclear one. Being patient, you’re showing your client that you appreciate their time and efforts.

Think before you write

Every client is different, you must remember that. Don’t ask questions that you don’t need. Take enough time to write exactly what you need to start working.  Send a smart message and you will receive a smart answer.

Respond quickly

Just because your client doesn’t communicate well, this doesn’t mean that you must do the same thing. When you receive an email, try to answer as quickly as you can. This way you show that you care about the project and appreciate their time.

Communication is very important if you want to do something professionally. If the other side provide not enough or unclear information, there will be a lot of problems when you start working on the project. Avoid this and you and your client will be very happy with the final result.

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