Attracting clients is not an easy job. Internet is full with similar articles and tips, but I want to share with you my own experience. You have to put a lot of effort to attract more clients for your business. The most important thing is that you have to be social. Create an account in every website and forum that you know and start to communicate with other people. If you think that you will get a lot of clients just by following 7 or 8 steps, you’re wrong. You have to be more active on internet if you want to be noticed.

Showcase your work

You can create an account in websites like dribbble or deviantart . These two websites are great if you want to show your work to the crowd. If you create awesome things, you’ll be noticed. But keep in mind that not everyone will like your designs. Probably you’ll get a lot of criticism as well. But criticism is very important in our business.

Create a Blog

Another option is to create a blog. This is very powerful tool. But of course, you have to write a lot. The most important thing is that you have to write about your visitors, not about you. When someone searches the internet, they search for information that will help them learn something or solve a specific problem. You have to give them this information if you want to stay on your website. The next step is to post your articles on facebook, twitter, google+ or linkedin.

Make video tutorials

This is a great way to show to the world that you exist. YouTube is a place where you can upload your videos. You can make video tutorials to give tips or help people solve certain problems. Remember that video tutorials are not only used for sharing knowledge, but also to help businesses market their brands. Just make a good presentation and start recording.

Promote yourself in every possible way. You have to be more active on internet if you want to be noticed. Sometimes you’ll have good clients, sometimes bad, but If you don’t give up sooner or later you will start to gain more clients.

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