As a freelancer every day you face various difficulties. The biggest issues you have to deal with is with your customers. Every client is different. First you need to find out what kind of a person is your client and then if you think he/she is serious, to start discussing the details of the project.

But how do we know that the client is serious? You can`t be sure at 100%, but there are several things that can help you decide whether to work with him/her or not.


This is one of the most important features for assessing the client. If the client behaves aggressively, tells you when and how to do your job, then it is good time to say goodbye to him/her.

In order for you to do your job professionally, you need to work without distractions.


This is normal thing in freelance work and you have to face it quite often. However, remember that you set the price that will satisfy your efforts.

Clients who try to get the lowest possible price for their project are not serious and have no respect for your efforts. Even if you meet halfway and reduce the price they will offer an even lower price. It`s not worth wasting your time with them.


This is one of the most important factors for evaluating the potential customer. Notice how your client answers your questions (are there details or not), how fast is the communication between you and the client, what guidance he/she provides on the project.

Good communication is essential and it will determine the outcome.

As a freelancer, you should choose very carefully who you work with. Do not be fooled by the money, because if you start working with such clients, the payment will not be enough to compensate your efforts and the troubles.

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