The relationship between these two professions can not be denied. Although at first glance it seems that they have nothing in common, in fact they are complementary. As a professional, you should not restrict your mind and abilities and continually you have to look for ways to grow and become better at what you do. To master the graphic design to perfection, you have to think not only like a graphic designer, but also like a web designer.

But what is the relationship between web programming and graphic design?

I’ll show you what is common between web and graphic design:

  • The layout  – A web site can be done without adding any graphics in it, but it will look unfinished and would make the users go to other web sites. When you visit a site, you first notice how it looks. This is very important, because this is one of the factors that will determine whether someone will stay on the site or just leave it.
  • Programming – As a programmer you need to have creative thinking to come up with the best possible way to complete a project. Writing code is poetry that requires your full attention and concentration.
  • Site Structure – When you design a website, you should not only think as a graphic designer, but as a programmer and user. You have to structure the website correctly so that the programmer can easily complete the task and  the website be easy to navigate by users.
  • 1 +1 = 2 – That’s right! With knowledge of graphic and web design, you will be able to create a website that has excellent functionality, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

Advantage to have knowledge of web and graphic design is that you can do all the work on the project and will not have to hire other people. Thus you will generate more incomes and you will increase your knowledge with every project. Whenever you have some free time you should look for information to enrich your knowledge. This is your investment in you.

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